“We cannot always build the future for our youth,
But we can build our youth for the future”
Franklin Delano Roosevelt

GOAL | To promote positive behaviors among youth within their families, schools, and communities by:

Educating youth on the impact of victimization and developing their ability to respond with empathy towards others.

Assisting youth in copying with their feelings, and effectively managing interpersonal relationships.

Communicating to youth and parents the benefits of leading lives free from drugs and violence.

Developing parents’ ability to mediate differences with their children.

Helping parents and youth appreciate diversity.

Inspiring parents to raise confident and responsible children.


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About Us


To empower the youth and families to thrive as productive and peaceful members of our community.


All Communities will thrive in Harmony.

Harmony Development Center has established itself as a strong presence in Broward County providing programs that serve youth and their families in Broward County. We promote positive behaviors among youth within their families, school, and communities.

As a non- profit, Harmony Development Center provides behavioral, mental health, tutoring, pregnancy prevent, delinquency prevention and intervention, and substance abuse services to the youth servicing the needs of the Juvenile Justice and School systems in Broward County, Florida. Harmony Development Center is a culturally and linguistically diverse organization that actively promotes equality and respect. Our staff is diverse and reflective of the community we serve.


HDC was established in 2001 to promote positive behavior among youth within their families, schools and communities. With the encouragement of organizations like the Dan Marino Foundation, the State of Florida Department of Juvenile Justice and the Children’s Services Council of Broward, Harmony Development Center was able to grow into a relevant provider of services to at-risk youth in Broward County, Florida.

Harmony Development Center has established itself as a strong presence in Broward County providing programs that serve youth showing one or more of the following risk factors: School behavior and performance, mental health or substance abuse, and delinquent behaviors.

HDC has found its niche in providing highly specialized diversion services, mental and behavioral services, substance abuse education, prevention and treatment services, delinquency prevention and intervention services, parent education, teen pregnancy prevention and education, outpatient treatment, afterschool and summer programs, and victim-wrongdoer restorative justice practices. Harmony Development Center funded continually from City and local government entities for the past fourteen years.

HDC has earned the respect of several government and community service agencies in Broward County due to its work with the difficult juvenile offender and the continues outstanding outcomes with this population:
95% do not have a new law violation after a year of the program completion. 96% of this clients successfully complete the program and 98% improve school attendance and grades. The organization has been recognized by the Children’s Services Council as one of the “Successful Emerging Organizations” at the Child Welfare League of America, Juvenile Justice National Symposium 2005 (Better Outcomes for At-Promise Youth: Innovative Funding Solutions through Collaborative Partnership).

The organization has been recognized as well by the State Attorney’s Office and the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit Public Defender’s Office for referrals of cases to juvenile programs as an alternative to judicial sanctions (diversion program). HDC received a three year funding award from the Children’s Services Council, Children Services Board, and Department of Juvenile Justice.

The City of Lauderhill, included Harmony’s Civil Citation Program in its successful application for the National All-American Cities Award and presented to Harmony a Proclamation in recognition to its success.

Harmony Development Center has expanded its programs through Broward County at the following locations: Coral Springs, Lauderhill, Cooper City, Pembroke Pines, and Miramar.

What We Do

Harmony Development Center Programs serve youth showing one or more of the following risk factors:

  • Family problems
  • School behavior and performance
  • Mental health or substance abuse problems
  • Delinquent behaviors

For over 14 years, we have provided the following:

  • Mental and Behavioral Services
  • Substance Abuse Education, Prevention and Treatment
  • Delinquency Prevention and Intervention
  • Parent Education
  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention
  • Afterschool and Summer Programs
  • Victim-Wrongdoer Restorative Practices

Harmony Development works with youth referred by:

  • The Court System
  • The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Law enforcement
  • The Office of Civil Citation
  • Broward County Public Schools
  • Broward County Family Success Centers
  • Agencies such as Hispanic Unity, Memorial Healthcare, among others

Fundings & Partnerships

Dan Marino Foundation
NFL Charities
Children’s Services Council of Broward
Lauderdale Lakes Kiwanis Club
School Partners in Education (PIE)
Community Foundation of Broward
WorkForce One
United Way of Broward
City of Lauderhill
City of Miramar
University of Maryland – Change the
Kaiser University
Broward County Family Success Centers
City of Hallandale
City of Coral Springs
Florida Atlantic University
State of Florida Department of Juvenile Justice
State of Florida Office of Drug Control
Hispanic Unity
Broward County Public Schools
Memorial Healthcare System
Broward County Human Services Department

Board of Directors

Marjorie Alexis, P.A.

Judge Michele Towbin-Singer, 17th Judicial Circuit Court

Charles H. Rubinstein, P.A.

Ana Maria Cowo, Professor, Broward College

Tim Curtin, Adm. Director Community Services, Memorial

Dr. Josefina Lozano, M.D.

Dr. Jose David Suarez, M.D.

Susan Green, Business Owner, Realtor

Dr. Donald Berman, M.D.

Glennis Simmonds, Guidance Counselor, Broward Schools

Administration Leadership Team

Myriam Campo-Goldman - CEO/Founder

Laura Torres - Finance Officer

Dr. Randall Green - Clinical Director

Barbara Brown-Walton - Performance & Accountability Manager

Adriana Salazar - Human Resources

Elena Andrew - Program Assistant

Catalina Patron - Outreach Coordinator

Maria Vasquez - Data Entry & Information Processing Specialist

Rebecca Palmisano - Office Manager

Program Staff

Gloria Gonzalez YIA Site Supervisor

Jaquada Lee Intake Coordinator

Jason Smith Assessment Coordinator

Betty Torres Diloreto Per Diem Counselor

Carolina Ocampo Medicaid Program Specialist

Charmaine Wolfe Counselor

Christen Bryant Case Manager

Colleen Dudley Case Manager

Nesheda Thompson Counselor

Katherine Tossas Case Manager

Osborne Lockhart Youth Coach

Artrice Shine Case Manager

Luz Deroseney Case manager


(Families on Commitment for Understanding and Solutions)

The FOCUS PREP program is a behavioral and mental health intervention service provided to youth and their families who are referred through the judiciary system, community agencies, and the school system. The program provides efficient and innovative alternatives for children who commit non-serious delinquent acts to ensure swift and appropriate progress in their behavior.

(New Diversion Alternatives for Youth)

FOCUS NEW D.A.Y program receives referrals to serve diversion, civil citation, and PROMISE Program youth throughout Broward County. The project provides restorative justice conferencing youth groups, supervised community service, parent workshops, and individual/family counseling.


YOUTH IN ACTION afterschool program provides at-risk middle school students with year-round services designed to: Improve Self-Esteem; Develop Skills; and Increase Access to Community Resources in order to promote both current and future success. The program includes cultural enrichment activities, counseling, academic services and support, mentoring, health and fitness activities, and violence prevention.


The MAKE IT RIGHT Restorative practices program helps address misbehavior, improve school climate, and achieve lasting solutions for all. The main focus is healing, responsibility, opportunities to repair harm, improved abilities to effectively manage relationships, advocacy, and community resources.

(Kinship Initiatives for Supportive Heroes)

KINSHIP program provides support services to maintain a stable home for children being raised by relative or non-relative caregivers when biological parent(s) are unable to do so. Our goal is to connect Kinship families with multiple community services tailored to their individual needs. The counselors provide family support services to the children and their caregivers to meet the needs of the entire family. Age requirements: Birth to 18 years.


The SUPER teens program is a support service provided to students in transition from alternative placement to their home schools. Services include: Transitional support services, individual, family, and group counseling, advocacy links to community resources, home-based and community based services, convenient after school, evening, and Saturday hours.

Bridge to New Opportunities

This program serves youth aged 9 to 18 years old that have a current diagnosis of or indicators of history of substance abuse and/or alcohol abuse. This program helps:

Clients to identify maladaptive behaviors, identify the functions of negative responses, and replacing them with healthy coping skills. Clients to recovery of substance and/or alcohol abuse. Family members to identify expected stages of recovery while client is going through the process of recovery of substance abuse or alcohol abuse. Clients and their families about set-ups, relapse, and also about proactive approaches to avoid relapse. Clients with crisis intervention.
Treatment is provided at times convenient for the client and family, a minimum of two per week, for a minimum of 2, over a 6 month period.
The program connects the individual and family with necessary community resources.
The program is delivered in the individual’s home and community.
All Harmony Development Center Specialists are Masters level clinicians supervised by licensed staff.